Ratio Consulting Limited

Ratio Consulting Limited is a leading infrastructure advisory firm, with team of experienced professionals with wide array of infrastructure sectors from energy, power, natural resources transport and logistics, education, healthcare, etc.

Ratio Consulting Limited our no one partner in any metering project and Greengate inspires trust in their corporate strength in energy and power sector, and also their committed to a sustainable financial back up growth to our company.

Matrix Engineering and Consultancy Services

Matrix Engineering and Consultancy Services is an expert in designing and implementation of projects in Telecommunication, Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Real Estate and General Contract. We are in partner with Matrix Engineering technical department, for over the years, they have shown their competence and capability in various projects handled by them and they have always delivered world class technical services around the world. This enable us to work as a team, deliver unique and constant business model and creative thinking by delivering values to all our estimate clients all over.